array(6) { ["total"]=> int(1) ["lastPage"]=> int(1) ["items"]=> array(1) { [0]=> array(28) { ["ref"]=> string(8) "PRA10823" ["transaction_type"]=> string(6) "Resale" ["address"]=> array(8) { ["no_name"]=> string(20) "Pathway Cottage, 156" ["address_line1"]=> string(9) "Main Road" ["address_line2"]=> string(8) "Bryncoch" ["address_line3"]=> string(0) "" ["address_line4"]=> string(0) "" ["town"]=> string(5) "Neath" ["county"]=> string(0) "" ["postcode"]=> string(8) "SA10 7TT" } ["web_address"]=> string(36) "Main Road, Bryncoch, Neath. SA10 7TT" ["general_desc"]=> string(246) "PETER MORGAN EXCLUSIVE! | A Spacious Detached Luxury Cottage | Freehold | Double Glazed Windows | Three Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms | Off Road Parking | Many Original Features | Gas Fired Heating | Bi-Folding Doors | Need A Mortgage? We Can Help! " ["description"]=> NULL ["description2"]=> string(1299) "Peter Morgan Exclusive Property! A Unique opportunity to purchase this exclusive extended Cottage situated in the heart of the ever sought after village of Bryncoch. This immaculately presented property offers spacious accomodation with many of its original features, exposed brick walls, double height ceilings and beamed ceilings whilst introducing a modern feel with a spacious Sun Room having Bi-Folding doors to the rear, a quirky staircase to a dressing room and a Master Suite with a traditional En-Suite bathroom comprising of a free standing roll top bath with telephone taps. The propetry itself has been decorated by an interior designer and hosts an independent and unique ranged of fashion furniture and wallpaper. This residence was built in the late seventeen hundreds and was originally used as a toll house for the canals near the village by its mining company owners and original features are maximised such as the inglenook stairs with wrought iron railings. Please note: This is a Peter Morgan Exclusive property, proceedable viewings only which will be accompanied strictly by Jonathan Morgan. For further information please contact our Neath office on 0330 056 3555. " ["bedrooms"]=> int(3) ["bathrooms"]=> int(2) ["reception_rooms"]=> int(1) ["garages"]=> int(0) ["wc"]=> int(0) ["date_pom"]=> string(19) "2022-06-26 11:08:53" ["special_offer"]=> int(0) ["special_offer_text"]=> string(0) "" ["display_price"]=> string(9) "£400,000" ["property_type"]=> string(7) "Cottage" ["property_style"]=> string(8) "Detached" ["property_sector"]=> string(11) "Residential" ["latitude"]=> float(51.686113) ["longitude"]=> float(-3.819131) ["features"]=> array(10) { [0]=> string(23) "PETER MORGAN EXCLUSIVE!" [1]=> string(34) "A Spacious Detached Luxury Cottage" [2]=> string(8) "Freehold" [3]=> string(21) "Double Glazed Windows" [4]=> string(32) "Three Bedrooms and Two Bathrooms" [5]=> string(16) "Off Road Parking" [6]=> string(22) "Many Original Features" [7]=> string(17) "Gas Fired Heating" [8]=> string(16) "Bi-Folding Doors" [9]=> string(30) "Need A Mortgage? We Can Help! " } ["front_image"]=> string(69) "" ["epc_rating"]=> array(4) { ["current_ee"]=> int(47) ["potential_ee"]=> int(78) ["current_ei"]=> int(0) ["potential_ei"]=> int(0) } ["promote"]=> int(1) ["property_sale_details"]=> array(8) { ["asking_price"]=> int(400000) ["reduced"]=> int(0) ["under_offer"]=> int(0) ["sold_stc"]=> int(0) ["price_status"]=> string(6) "Normal" ["price_offer"]=> string(6) "Normal" ["tenure_type"]=> string(8) "Freehold" ["marketing_status"]=> string(9) "Available" } ["property_rental_details"]=> NULL ["property_video"]=> string(62) "" } } ["perPage"]=> int(12) ["currentPage"]=> int(1) ["generated"]=> string(27) "2022-07-01T04:19:26.801547Z" }